A New Challenge

Senior Briana Clay applied during junior year to join the Phoenix Yearbook, and now as a senior she is working hard to be the best. Clay’s application process consisted of writing one article to show journalism teacher, Mrs. Fernandez, she deserves to be a  yearbook editor.


“I was very happy. I love capturing moments to go back in the future to look at. I was excited I get to start editing the yearbook,” said Clay


As an editor she has a lot of responsibility and  has to sacrifice. She has time consuming work to make sure the school is represented in a good way. Yearbook editing isn’t always just writing articles, but also taking time out of their day to go to events and take photos.


“uploading / editing people’s articles takes up to a week. Signing up for this is a lot of work and does not fit someone who is lazy,” Clay said


Overall, Clay loves being an editor, even if it takes up most of her time and day. She appreciates being part of the voice of Phoenix Military Academy and showing everyone who views the website, how great of a place Phoenix is.