Samantha Lozano

In life there will always be obstacles or hardships that you will have to face. For senior, Michelle Enriquez, doing wrestling at Phoenix has presented many struggles she’s had. For Enriquez, joining wrestling meant giving up many things, which wasn’t easy.


“I had to give up junk food, candy, and juices and switch to just drinking water, eating salads, shakes with protein, fruit, and most of all plain oatmeal,” Enriquez said.


In wrestling, weight is very important because you either have to lose some or gain depending on who your opponent in the match is.


“I exercise 2 hours everyday, practice is from Monday through Saturday which in total is 12 hours a week, aside from that I also have raiders on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour, so pretty much I’m working out 14 hours and I even go to the gym at times for an hour to do a 2 mile run,” she said.


Not only did she give up different types of food, but she also has to take lots of time from her day to get in shape and help her maintain the weight she wants to keep. Even though being in wrestling is hard, she’s glad she joined because she enjoys working out and trying new sports.