Wilkerson’s Passion for Softball


Realizing what sports can do really do change someone’s life. Junior Kenny Wilkerson plays short center for the Phoenix boys softball team during fall sports. Wilkerson feels that his passion for the game also has takeaways he has learned from. Phoenix offers many sports but he chooses softball every time for his fall sport.


“The reason why I choose softball is that I want to better my baseball skills and have fun,” said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson also feels that the game he loves has taught him some things.

“It taught me to be patient especially when you’re going to bat due to the fact that baseball and softball have 2 major pitching differences,” said Wilkerson.

This year the boy’s softball team had a rough start, but Wilkerson explained why and his predictions for the season.

“We’re doing alright but we lost our first game, won the second but the only reason why we lost the first game is because some of us were nervous,” said Wilkerson.


He feels that the rough start wont have an impact on the rest of the season.

“ We’re going to have a great season this year if everyone keeps doing what their suppose to do and stay focused,” said Wilkerson.