Finally! City Finals!


This Saturday the Cross Country team participated in the City Finals; although they came placing 17th they made it this far.

“The seasons for Cross Country always progressed, but this year has been the best year we’ve had so far,” said senior Kiara Balleza.

For Balleza, starting junior year, it is her 2nd year running and says that it has been one of the best seasons they had.

“When I started Cross Country, last year, I remember only having the PT as the official Cross Country uniform for the races. I would always see a ton of my members injured and unprepared, but now we are ranked high for being a good running group Phoenix is now proud to have. Never in my life have we won medals or been in the top 10 schools with good runners, I was shook.”

This year alone, the Cross Country runners have won 7 medals and placed as top 10 in most of their races. Junior Kejuan Brown got 1 medal, sophomore Ivan Diaz got 3 medals and freshman Raul Ortiz also got 3 medals. All being top 15 or 20.

“I would redo my 2nd race. I was the 2nd runners behind 10th place. I would redo that and not take off as fast in the beginning and sprint faster at the end,” said Diaz

There were not many issues this year but one:  being able to stay committed to running. It became common for most runners to not come to practice and get injured.

“Going to practices was the hardest because I always had mandatory things such as Debate practices, Journalism meetings, Harmonizers practice, and on top I had homework, overall I wish I would had dedicated myself more and realize that Cross Country is important as well,” said Balleza.

In the end, it can be said that Cross Country is getting better every year. They are opening a new chapter in its running history. Something that will always stick to everyone is the memories that they all got this season.

“Showing off my uniform and realizing that the people on this team are amazing humans that I know will make this team even greater than this year is the best memory. Too bad I won’t be here to see it!,” said Balleza