Destiny II


Although Destiny 1 was great, Destiny 2 was alright. The problem with Destiny 2 is that it took one step forward to improving the game, but two steps back.


After Destiny and several DLC (downloadable content) was released from September 9, 2014 to September 20, 2016 the first game had officially come to its end. Then Destiny 2 came  out on September 6, 2017.


Destiny 2 starts off as a whole new game, not taking up your progress from the first Destiny. The story gets polished and re-written a bit to have a more enjoyable and well understood experience. In Destiny 1, we fought against enemies and essentially “the darkness” but we really didn’t know why we did it other than just the fact that “the darkness” were the bad guys.


In Destiny 2 the concept of our player having “light”, a source of power to defeat the darkness, is still implemented in the game. The stronger your armor and weapons are the higher light level you have. Higher light level means you can do more damage to enemies and you unlock harder mission and activities to do throughout the galaxy.


In Destiny 2 a species of enemy called “the cabal” attack our headquarters and leave us without power or a weapon to protect ourselves with. Throughout the story we see our character get back his firepower and his “light”.


After playing through the campaign (also known as the story missions), we only have a limited amount of things to do after. We can do PvP (Player vs Player) game modes which is just the typical die, respawn, and run and gun, repeat. Apart from this we have the usual PvE (player vs. environment) which consist of strikes, public events, nightfall, and the raid. In these PvE events the same basic mechanics are  used throughout the game. Go to a certain area, kill enemies then kill the boss with lots of health, pick up loot -rinse and repeat.


This game was honestly a disappointment. A big part of Destiny 1’s game mechanics which made the game feel unique were taken out for Destiny 2. Their is no real end game content to do and the PvP and PvE experience is repetitive. People from the community and I were able to finish the story missions in a day or two and the loot/rewards system is not rewarding for diehard players who like to play for long hours at aime. Destiny 1 was more rewarding for players who played for longer periods of time making less appealing for casual players who just put in 30 minutes of time into the game. Destiny 2 is more focused on appealing to the casual audience than the diehard fans who love to play the game for hours on end. I would give the game a solid 2.5 out of 5 stars just because they improved the story.