Running The Way Into Regionals


Running is full of sweat, hard work, energy, and a good mindset, which is needed to work the way to the top.


The Cross Country team attended a race at the Lincoln Zoo Park on October 5th and gave it their all because their efforts and practice counts for the championships.


This is the first year the Cross Country team was invited to attend to the regionals and participate.


“I’m hoping we reach top 10 in the city championships which are on October 14,”sSaid senior Odalis Torres.


They have put a lot of sweat into practices to become the energetic runners they are and to achieve their goals.


“We practice 5 days a week. We go outside and run anything between 1-3 miles in a row or in intervals. We also use the hill on the playground behind the school to build leg strength. And for the remaining time, we head to the weight room and do circuits on the machines. Practice lasts until 5,” said sophomore Ivan Diaz.  


To achieve a winning spot there has to be a hard mindset,an  effort into practice, energy  but also recognition for what’s wrong in order to improve and overcome the disadvantages.


“Something holding the team back is laziness. To fix this, our team needs to realize we have a bright future and important races coming up. This should be motivation for all of us to give it our all until the season is over,” said Diaz.


Motivation is probably the biggest  key component in this situation. To  achieve motivation people should also see their accomplishments or progress.


“We’ve gotten top 10 schools at each race and we’ve gotten 4th place as our highest rank. Also, this is our first year going to regionals,” said Diaz.