Honor, Courage, Commitment

Shelsey Morales

Every year a handful of students enlist in the military, mainly in the Army or National Guard. Recruiters constantly come into school and get the process started. Many students decide to enlist because college is not for them; they feel as they are not capable at meeting those standards. It’s not just pressure but also financial problems.

Senior Josiah Romero recently enlisted in the Marine Corps, not many students choose that branch because there supposedly not as many benefits as the Army.. However, Romero said it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Students at Phoenix are continuously recognized for their hard work and dedication in school. Romero has been recognized for Perfect Attendance, Varsity athletics and was a part of the Archery team. Romero has been in plenty of leadership positions as well.

“I wanted to be pushed to my limits,” said Romero.

With the help of his Recruiter SSG Jorge Sotelo the process to enlisting was fast and easy. Making it official on September 29th of this year Romero was sworn in.

“It was something I had in mind since the middle of junior year, I just kept it to myself,” said Romero

Growing up on the southside of Chicago or Chicago in general is a challenge for many.

“I only had two options, join the military or go to college. College isn’t for everyone, so the military was my way out,” said Romero.