An Ice Cream Shop With a Twist!

An Ice Cream Shop With a Twist!


This week, I went to an Ice Cream shop named the Neveria La Flor Mayo ( or The May Flower in English) that’s Located on Archer.  This Ice cream shop is like no other ordinary, they sell more than just Ice cream. Their menus have a large selection ranging to hot dogs, pizza, to even funnel cakes!

 I would highly suggest this Ice Cream shop. When entering, it always has a very welcoming environment and it’s very comfortable inside. The service was quite fast and the quality of the food is amazing. I ordered a cup of fruit with yogurt which the waitress created very fast and correctly.

The fruits were all fresh and cut on the spot. The toppings range from M&M’s to granola. However, something that was kind of upsetting was that at one point the place did get very crowded, but the waitress did work together to get everything out fast and correctly. The price ranges were fair, they did not seem too pricy.

An example would be a small cup of fruit with yogurt I bought that only cost me $3.50. To me, the prices were very reasonable especially since the quality and taste is amazing. This ice cream shop is very nearby and should be a place that everyone should go to for a treat if they are around. 

In the end, I would give this place 5 out of 5 stars because they were able to provide all the necessary things to make this ice cream shop great.