Here at Phoenix Military Academy the football team has some pretty interesting stories when it comes to the injuries that some of the players have suffered while playing. However, they push on  because they are determined to win until they reach state.


The sport is physically demanding and not many people at Phoenix play Football because of that reason.  This year the football team  paired with Alcott College Prep. Fortunately, Alcott’s players are studs.


“I’ve gotten a concussion and dislocated three fingers, but I’ve persevered through all of that. Winning the game pushes me and drives me to keep going no matter what,” said senior captain Adrian Diaz.


There is a reason why players like Diaz keep on playing even though injuries try and halt him.


“I continue playing even though I’m hurt because this isn’t just my team, but they are also my family, and I wouldn’t stop playing and let down my family because I’m in a bit of pain. Everybody is hurting currently so we push through this season together,” said Diaz.


These injuries sure do take a toll on players’ bodies but does it not alter their performance in the game at all.


“I don’t feel like it’s altered my performance all too much, like yeah sometimes it hurts to use my hands and it takes a little longer to kind of understand what I gotta do on offense but other than that I don’t feel as if anythings really changed,” said Diaz