Game Ready

While game day gets closer, senior Miguel Apreza gives a little insight on what he does to focus before football games.  On September 21, 2017 before the game, Miguel Apreza listened to music to clear his mind of distractions on the bus before the game.

“The type of music I listen to is Hip Hop and Rap, It just motivates my mind,” said


Music helps motivate Apreza to keep going after hard work and it prepares him to perform better.

“I like Logic because his music is exciting and it calms me down when I’m aggravated,” said Apreza.

It appears that the excitement from the music helps lessen the stress on Apreza when faced with big tasks. Apreza thinks the more you favor an artist the more your enjoyment of music will calm you.

“Logic sounds similar to me and the song he is known for is  1-800-273-8255,” said Apreza.

Though the most popular track may bring enjoyment when relieving stress, any type of track from this hot producer seems to help calm people’s nerves especially Apreza as he always listens to him to get prepared.

“It helps me focus better and get stuff off my mind,” said Apreza.

It seems that music really does help calm his nerves when he is aggravated. The flow of music must bring a feeling like no other.

“ I get a calm focused feeling when I listen to logic, though sometimes I want to dance,” said Apreza.

Though music might be stress relieving, one might not want to start dancing if they are using it to focus on the task ahead.

People who are working to complete a big task can use music as a gateway to relieve stress. Apreza will continue to listen to his favorite artist so he can focus on a task.