A New Beginning


Every story has an end but in life every end is a new beginning.


Pma’s boy’s baseball and softball coach, Craig Griffin, recently left PMA to go to Wisconsin for a better job opportunity. Griffin’s will be missed by his players


“Take care of yourself, keep in touch,”-  said Griffin.


It was definitely an emotional time for Griffin since he was leaving so much behind. It was hard on the players as well. The memories that were shared as a team are priceless.


After coach Peter Bernthal started this program, Coach Griffin took over for his five years as head coach before leaving.  Now that Griffin is gone there is  a new coach  hoping to continue the  success of winning conference back to back seasons in softball and winning games in baseball.


Mark Bernthal was a  D2 college baseball athlete at Indiana University  and a IHSA coach. He has volunteered to become the new 2017-2018 baseball and softball head coach. Mark has already established what he plans to do with the team and how he plans to make us champions!


“I can already see the type of family we have going here, mostly everything that Coach Griff has laid out already is gonna be the same, there might be a few changes along the way but I am excited for what we have here,” said Coach Mark.


The team seems to be enthusiastic and open to beginning a fresh season with a new head coach, especially senior Juan Guardado.


“Now that we have more than one coach, we will be able to be more efficient and build on critical skills. We won’t just play scrimmages, we will be able to get evaluated and whatever we struggle with will be corrected,” said Guardado.