Twenty Juniors and Five Seniors Participate in Chicago Ideas Week


The Chicago Ideas Week program is a month-long event from October 3-October 21, 2017 providing 500 high school students from across Chicago direct access to Chicago Ideas Week and special programs designed for students. This includes direct access with globally recognized thought leaders, new experiences, and network with leaders from across instructors.

The goal of the CIW YOU(TH) program is to empower students to seek new opportunities, pursue their passions and walk away with a newly inspired outlook and sense of their own potential. Ms. Bosques, iMentor instructor, selectively choose Juniors and Seniors to participate in this program. In addition, Ms.Fairchild and Ms. Arauz helped to make the cadets at Phoenix Military to attend.

The second event is the CIW YOU(TH) lab that offers exclusive behind the scenes that feature four to six speakers at the Shedd Aquarium. Meanwhile, cadets were also able to touch stingrays for the first time! The speakers give short form talks on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and the Future of Storytelling.

“I am extremely excited to be apart of this program and meet inspirational speakers to motivate my Junior year. I am very grateful I received this opportunity,” said Kayla Webster.

Students were able to have their own ID badges and free items after taking surveys at the end of each event.