Basketball Tryouts, GET YOUR GAME ON!

On October 12th, and 16th of 2017 Coach Lorenzo Donegan hosted basketball tryouts for those who were interested in being on the basketball team.  

Due to a loss last season against Collins for the conference win, Coach Lo has been putting in countless hours of work with the guys to get them better prepared.

“Reps get you better,” said Coach Lo.

The boy’s varsity team has been working hard throughout this summer. They’ve been working out with Coach Lo at his full time job as a fireman,working out at Swallow Cliff,  and even been playing preseason games at the Attack Center in the fall league tournament.

“We grow together we glow together,” – said junior Eddie Fox.

The boy’s varsity basketball team is looking forward to an excellent season this year. They all seem to be young men on a dedicated mission.

“The grind don’t stop,”said junior  Khalid Herron.

A lot of new faces are expected  to show up and  try out to be a part of the program,  which both the players and the coach are looking forward to it.

“These tryouts are mostly gonna be for the incoming freshmen, I just want you guys there to set an example,” said Coach Lo said to his former players.