Viviana Visits Arkansas

Who doesn’t like going on vacations to a different state than where they live in? Senior Viviana Roman  traveled to Arkansas during the summer to go to a quinceanera party with her whole family for a week.

Roman was lucky enough  to go on vacation with her family to Arkansas for  a sweet 15 party. She stayed there for a whole week.

She liked going to Arkansas because she loves nature.

“ I like how it’s a natural state with lots of nature and not too much pollution,” said Roman.   

Nature seems to attract people, and it’s surprising because most people like to stay in the busy cities instead of going out to the countryside.

Many people travel just to enjoy a little trip, but some other people travel to go see their family that they do not see often. This was Roman’s case.

“ I wanted to see my family over there, but at the same time I didn’t talk to any most of my family members over there so I really didn’t care,” said Roman