Boy’s Varsity Soccer Takes First Place In Conference


Remaining undefeated while winning their conference title did not come easy for the Varsity Phoenix Boy’s soccer team, yet it was one of the most memorable events for the team. On Tuesday, September 26, the Phoenix soccer team confronted Westinghouse College Prep and won first place in conference. The team played against seven other high school teams in the conference league and managed to remain undefeated against all the schools.

Winning first place in conference was not an easy task for the team, yet team members recall  what made them so successful.

Captain of the team, junior Jorge Ochoa said, “Everyone on the team was committed and dedicated to win. We all showed up to practice everyday and we always had a positive attitude towards each game.”

The team’s commitment along with their soccer coach, Otto Rodriguez, allowed for such a successful season. But aside from practice and dedication, motivation also played a major role in their success.

We always motivated each other to do better. Even when we were losing we always helped pick each other up,” said senior Steven Mamahua.

Despite the positive attributes that allowed the team to succeed, the team also faced problems along the way. Sometimes players wouldn’t be able to show up to practice, which would affect the team’s chemistry and skill. Other than the lack of people showing up to practice at times, the team does not recall any other struggles they faced.

“I believe that practice is very important and was the key to our success on the field,” Ochoa said.

The boy’s soccer team would have 2-3 games a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When they didn’t have a game, they would have practice regularly. Even when the coach couldn’t go to practice, Ochoa would continue the practices with drills to keep the team conditioned.

Due to the practices and the persistency of the team, the boys were able to celebrate at the end of their conference game. Most of the boy’s felt happiness and pride for their team and their accomplishments.

When that final whistle blew, we were champions. I was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, that all I could do was smile,” said Mamahua.

Past Phoenix soccer teams had not accomplished as much as this year’s team had. The team has been moved up a division due to their success.

Ochoa explains how proud he is of his team for they “fought all the way and never gave up.”