The Life of Roberto Delgado


Senior Roberto Delgado has been playing basketball both at home and professionally for as long as anyone can remember,  but no one really knew how or why he started.


Finding out he has been playing since fourth grade is shocking to his peers because it sounds insane that he could obtained so many skills in just a few short years.


“There is never a time I don’t want to play Basketball, always want to play basketball no matter what,” said Delgado. He followed that comment.


“I could be tired, stressed, irritated, bored, or super busy, but if someone asks me to play basketball with them I’ll find a way of playing, ” said Delgado.


He mentioned what  he would do if he was ever physically incapable of playing his sport, If he was ever physically incapable of playing he said he would try and watch as manybasketball games on t.v. so he could still enjoy the sport.


“I want to win so bad and I’ll give it my all and I try and get that feeling I get on the court to translate off the court to my personal life because I want to succeed or “win” in my life,” said Delgado.