Isaac and Brotherhood

Isaac and Brotherhood

Brotherhood gives an opportunity to boys to find themselves and succeed with the goal of becoming leaders.

Senior Isaac Martinez is in the Brotherhood program which holds after school meetings at PMA open to all  who are willing to become leaders and gain communication skills.

“It impacted me by helping me become a better leader and a better person overall,” said Martinez.

The program seems to help the boys guide themselves as well as others. It also helps them create engaging bonds.

“Something I took out of Brotherhood is communication and it helped me with public speaking and it also helped me form stronger bonds with other people,” said Martinez.

Having good communication is one of the main concepts that the members seem to become comfortable with.

To accomplish being a confident leader one has to have self-confidence and motivation.

“It does give me confidence because we are able to share and the more we share the more confident we feel about speaking,” said Martinez.

Sharing what goes on with them or what they feel makes them gain the confidence they need.

“Gaining confidence is not easy for many,” said Martinez.

With the support they give each other they seem to pull through hard times. They help build each other up the more they engage.

“Something I would like to change about Brotherhood is having more trips and more workshops that are more engaging to the members,” said Martinez.

With this being said the members seem to get along very well as they grow. The more they grow the more they engage.