Junior Kimmy Alvarado is part of the wrestling team at Phoenix Military Academy and she is looking forward to her second year on the team because she really enjoys it. The team is typically considered a men’s sport and being one of the only females on the team is a challenge for her but she is up for the challenge.

The reason she wanted to join the team was because she wanted to prove people wrong. Her teammates and classmates said she couldn’t do it because she was a girl and she was most likely to be matched up against men and loose.

”I joined the wrestling team because I wanted the physical and mental challenge of being one of the only females on the team,” said Alvarado.

At one match she proved everybody wrong when she defeated a male.. During the match everyone assumed she was also a  man but as soon as she took off her mask everyone was shocked she was a female.

` Alvarado is not looking to do wrestling beyond high school because she is looking to do other things in her future. She said maybe if she gets any scholarships for wrestling she might but besides that no.