At Phoenix Military Academy students are offered  a wide range of programs to participate in. Since freshman year senior Steven Monroy  has been in the Brotherhood  program where males unite after school and talk about worldwide events or personal problems they need help with.

In the program all members eventually become leaders. Leaders help plan workshops or events to help break the ice for the new members to fit in and become part of the program.

“Brotherhood is a program where you can relax and become more outgoing. In this program we help students break out of their shell and fit into the new high school experience,” said Monroy.

For most incoming freshmen adjusting to the high school curriculum and workflow might be difficult. In this new step of their lives they have to understand how to properly manage their time and be responsible for their uniform.

“Once I became a freshman it was hard for me to adjust to all the rules and expectations the school was holding us up too. When I first joined Brotherhood I had lots of help from upperclassmen and got advice on how to manage my time and how to always look sharp in my uniform. I realized that without the help from the upperclassmen in the program I was going to have more trouble fitting into the school and would probably impact my JROTC grade in a negative way,” said Monroy.

Now Steven has taken up being a mentor to incoming freshman and will be doing one on one interviews in the Brotherhood program so freshman know he is always their to help. As a mentor, Steven wants to make the freshman experience as stress relieving as possible. This mentor position has also reflect back on his freshman year struggles and how he was able to overcome them. He will be using his own mistakes and struggles to show incoming students what not to do, and how to handle certain situations.