Overcoming Obstacles Together

Students at Phoenix hardly have any time for their personal life, it’s all about working hard, but what about what about their love life? Junior Keilyn Torres believes relationships can be difficult  and gives advice on how to cooperate with your loved ones.

“It’s hard dating because we used to see each other everyday in school and now it’s difficult to be together because he’s in college,” said Torres.

Students here at Phoenix is recognized for sports, academics, and other rigorous curriculum activities, but some students are also known as high school sweethearts aka “couple goals” that other students look up to. Many students often find themselves looking up to couples as a “role models” or wanting to find someone to share the same feelings with.

“Whenever we have a problem I was use to giving each other space, until he started wanting to talk about our problems instead. My parents didn’t like him because he looked like he was a bad influence to me in their point of view by the way he dressed and  I wasn’t able to do much because of their perspective on him. Later, on he came over to my house and settle things down with my parents about dating me and presenting himself to them too,” said Torres.

What many teens face today is getting  their parents approval to date their significant other. This is often called the “Romeo and Juliet” situation, but some parents don’t mind their child having a significant other as long as they continue to work hard and get good grades.

“Being patience and having trust plays a big role into the relationship and communication is the key!” said Torres.

Maybe it’s hard to balance everything at once in life – school, love, friends, work, and family, but in the end it’s all about time management and overcoming obstacles together.