A Whole New World


Hot, humid, and red clay; Georgia, a desert compared to the city life here in Chicago. Senior Miguel Apreza went to basic this summer to prepare himself  when he goes to the reserves in Fort Benning, Georgia, a huge step forward for him.


“ I do believe that I will be able to face a different environment than I am used to,” said Apreza.


Apreza chose to go infantry in the US National Guard. He went to another state during the summer and got himself mentally and physically prepared. After a long 10 weeks, he came back to finish his senior year.


After graduating he will finish his Advanced Individual Training (AIT).


While being away from home, he had a different lifestyle, no family and no friends; which could be hard for anyone.The only form of contact he had was by writing letters.


“It was hard, we only got to like write letters the first 2 weeks and after that I just got homesick,” said Apreza.  


To help him forget being homesick, he focused more on helping his family financially and the  commitment he made to his country. Apreza seems to like what he signed up for and he hopes to keep pursuing  his career for  the next 20 years.