Passion for Singing

Aloisius Arellano

When people are young they all have certain interests, as they grow older they may start to take those things seriously and make them their hobby. For Senior Odalis Torres her passion was singing. She began singing at 8 years old, with her family in her home as a pastime.

Torres has been singing since she was a little girl. She had her first singing competition at nine years old. Her mother signed her up because she felt like she had a chance at the competition.

“ My favorite song to sing is paloma negra by Jenni Rivera, It was my Grandfather’s favorite song,” said Torres.

Torres first started singing when she was eight years old. Since then she has had an unconditional love for the art. Like most people Torres had someone who she looked up to.

“I look up to Demi Lovato, because she sings about what she’s passionate about and not about random things, she inspires others to be comfortable with themselves,” said Torres.

Torres has many inspirations to keep singing but her main one is the musical artist Demi Lovato, who has inspired many men and women around the world with her lyrics.

Torres even wants to take her hobby into college and go as far as she can singing.

“Yes, because I love doing it. It’s a hobby that I want to continue doing as I grow older,” said Torres.