JV Says What?!


Phoenix against Crane, two schools on the west side face to face in a soccer game. On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, the JV boys soccer team played against Crane and won 5-4.

“This last game was not that hard for me, I think that it was pretty easy with the hard work that was put in by everybody,” said sophomore Juan Guerra.

Teamwork is something that is brought up by the whole team and is shown and proven to work; working individually is never right in a team. Especially for soccer that is very communicative game.

“The biggest struggle in the team, I think is communication because not everyone talks to each other and just does their own thing,” said sophomore Oscar Alonso-Arriaga.

Individually everyone can get better whether it is keeping the ball or learning how to work as a team, or even keeping motivation high. They all try to improve to go to the top and keep as the top team.

“I would like to improve the way of being able to take the other team’s defenders more smoothly. Not getting stuck with the ball sometimes,” Said Guerra

Regardless of having things to work on individually, there is always something people like to change whether it is the game or the players, or their communication.

“I would change the way we played because we all bunched up and couldn’t really play,” said Alonso.

In the end, Phoenix won with a tight score of 5-4, having the goals made by Sophomores Juan Guerra, Christopher Diaz, and Oswaldo Limon, which all have no regrets on joining the team.

“I do not regret joining the team because it’s not just a soccer team it’s a family and everyone sticks up to each other and we play as a team we lose as a team, we win as a team,” said Alonso.