Class of 2018

Senior Jonathan Baltazar is currently looking for what college he wants to go to and will start applying to colleges soon. Throughout his high school years he developed a good resume, had great grades and was on the wrestling team.

“I found a quiet place to study and my motivation was to go to college do my best in college so that I may have a good paying job with benefits, and one I will enjoy so that he may live a happy independent life,” said  Baltazar.

When he was  on the wrestling team he went to the gym every practice day for stamina, strength, and durability.

For wrestling matches  he was a little anxious but did good on most matches, usually  ending in a tie.

“Our wrestling team won all games and lost the tournament which is not bad,” said Baltazar.

“I want to go to a technical college because I like engineering,” said Baltazar.

Baltazar is not sure at the moment what college he really wants to go to, but he  hopes he finds the right college for himself.