Building Leadership in the Woods

Vinquan Randle

Not many teens “from the city” have camping experience and those who  do may not appreciate as much as first timers. Senior Julisa Munoz attended an Outward Bound trip in August with her classmates.

“It was the first time I ever went camping and I had more appreciation for nature,” said Munoz.

Even though it was her first time going it was an good experience. The group traveled to a campsite in Wisconsin. Each student was placed in a group with their own group leaders.

“We felt like a family,” said Munoz.

Spending a week with her group made the group closer and built a bond amongst them.

“It helped with leadership,” said Munoz.

Coming back to Phoenix as a senior and being a XO in formation, she feels as she needed to be a leader and this camp was an big impact on her becoming one.

“Made me step out of comfort zone,” said Munoz.

This camp helped her not only become more active and a leader it helped her become more vocal with other people. This camp helped her become a better person not only for school but for later on in life when she gets a job and with whatever she wants to do.