Ecuadorian Adventures


Despite being 17 some people have not met all of their family. Senior Michelle Enriquez

traveled to Ecuador with her family in July to meet more of her family.

“I traveled, met new people, spent more time with family,”said Enriquez.

In addition, to meeting new family members, Enriquez explored a new country and culture.

“I went to Ecuador for a month, explored half of Ecuador in the time I was there,” said Enriquez.

While visiting a new country Enriquez said she was surprised there were no tortillas and a lot of rice. However the food was very cheap and she ate an Ecuadorian dish named Cui. Everything was cheaper over there so she bought a lot of souvenirs.

“I went to Casa de Arbol and swung across the equator on the swings of the end of the world,” said Enriquez.

She said that the entrance fee was a dollar. After she swung on the swings, she zip lined across mountains in Banos. This was her favorite part of her trip.

 “I went to my brother in law’s parents wedding while I was in Ecuador,” said Enriquez.

She found it weird that they went fishing after the wedding. Overall she enjoyed her experience and would want to go back.