Cynthia’s Trip to Mexico

Shelsey Morales

Phoenix students love traveling during and out of school, even if it’s a family vacation.Senior Cynthia Rosales flew to Mexico to visit family two summers ago as part of her vacation.

Rosales went to Mexico to visit her mother’s side of the family. She stayed in Angangueo for a month, though she didn’t just stay in that area. Rosales and her family visited D.F, Michoacan, Tuxan, Aporo, Zirahuato and many other small towns..

Getting around the area in different countries or new places can be a little odd. Rosales traveled in a minivan or on local busses and sometimes had  to wait in the middle of road for a ride.

“ I got to experience how my family in Mexico lives their daily lives,” said Rosales.

The temperature, the way of cooking, going out, it’s much different in Mexico. In Mexico you see people cooking outside, going out every morning for fresh food that day, though in the U.S you don’t see families sitting in their yard cooking their everyday meal as you would in Mexico.


“ Living in Mexico was much more natural in a way and very open, little stores outside, the way everyone knew each other in the neighborhoods,  ” said Rosales.

Meeting family that you didn’t know you had can always be interesting. “ I enjoyed my spending time with my mother’s side of the family, though I wouldn’t like to live out there and experience their life daily in mine,” said Rosales.