Briana’s Volleyball Journey


Edwin Genchi

Volleyball was a sport that junior Briana Quezada did not want to play. However, she found a way to enjoy it after being forced to play  during her gym class in middle school, now she is a member of the Phoenix Military Academy Lady Firebirds volleyball team. Quezada enjoys playing in volleyball games at Phoenix Military Academy  because it is challenging to improve her skills in ‘setting’ and ‘spiking’ the ball’.

“”In the beginning I did not want to play volleyball at all, but in gym class they made me, and that is how I started liking it,” said Quezada.

Now five years later she is still playing volleyball and has been on Phoenix’s   team for a while, since Freshman year, now. She also enjoys many things about the game of volleyball.

”I like the way it is challenging and how you cannot control the ball and it is fun to try to go after it,” said Quezada.

Volleyball can be a very competitive sport for people like Quezada. Although she feels as if she can still improve on some things, she enjoys playing volleyball very much and she finds it fun.

”I would like to see myself improve in setting better or learn how to spike better,” said Quezada.

Although Quezada has been playing volleyball for over four years, she she would like to see herself improve in many other things. One of which would be to ‘set’ or learn how to ‘set’ better. Setting is a volleyball term which means  

Setting is getting the ball to a certain point so another player can spike it on the other side (or something like that)

They run the offense when it comes to their turn. Also she stated that she would like to improve in ‘spiking’, which means “a ball hit with strength by a player on the offensive team who intends to take the ball on the opponent’s floor or off the opponent’s blocker.” (or something like that)

“I play a position called libero, and I’m good at digging for the ball when it comes down,” said Quezada.

‘Libero’ is a player who specializes in defensive skills. “Digging” for the balls pretty much just means to go after the ball after it is repeatedly hit or when it is close to going down to the floor. Although Quezada feels like she can improve in some things she is also good at other things.