ASM Art in the Summer


This summer senior Jonathan Aviles participated in After School Matters Art at Phoenix Military Academy, making different art pieces around the school, making the school stand out more by using the materials given by Mr. Griffin.

ASM Art is an organization provided by CPS for students to paint pieces to put around the school. ASM Art was Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00pm for 3 weeks. Students were paid a total of $725 for the summer program. However, there was more than just ASM Art; there was also  photography, poetry, soccer, computer programming and many more.

“The items would be put up in the walls of the school so they painted these items to

make the school look better,” said Aviles.

According to Aviles, ASM Art has helped students become more patient because art is not created quickly. It made students dealing with problems painting easier for them.

It also made the students work on communication skills because they met new people in the organization and eventually got more comfortable in events where they had to be outgoing and comfortable with new people.

Aviles recommends ASM for other students “Because it’s easy, you learn how to work with others, and get paid doing it.”