Morelia and Street Soccer

Morelia and Street Soccer

Despite all the work and stress, she was still able to play soccer.  Senior Morelia Lara won second place in the nation for street soccer her junior year. She is a very competitive soccer player and she plays on many different soccer teams.

Lara played in Philadelphia because her coach asked her to play. The tournament was held from June 9th-11th. Her coach rented a van and drove the team to Philadelphia, Penn. Her experience in “Philly” was very competitive and full of exploration.

In the morning she would have a few soccer games and then later in the night they can go and have fun.

“It’s a fun sport, very fast paced game, winner or loser there is always action happening in the field,” said senior Jonathan Baltazar.

Soccer is the most internationally known sport played today. It is also the most watched sport in the world. Many young teens like Lara play soccer and play very well.

There are many professionals, some who came from a very poor family but today they are known all over the world.