Enter Uriah

Most people play sports like basketball, football, and soccer to stay fit,but what about fighting? Most people do not realize how fit one needs to be just to last in a 15 minute fight. Just think about how fast Conor McGregor got tired when fighting Floyd Mayweather.

Junior Uriah Allen started doing martial arts around the age of four, in Chinatown,when his uncle showed him a glimpse of the world behind the sport.

“When my uncle showed me some of his moves I knew I wanted to learn how to fight,” said Allen.

That’s when Allen started going through the process of martial arts. First, it’s the motivation that comes to a person when they are interested and then comes the action of getting involved.

When taking action Allen realized that he did not like hurting others and the violence involved behind the experience.  

“I did not enjoy the thought and experience of punching others, “ said Allen.

After eight years he felt that hitting people was not exactly his thing. So with time Allen became less motivated to keep up with his training and eventually stopped going.

“I liked the experience, but it wasn’t something that ended up not being for me in the end,”said Allen

Now that he is in school his main focus is getting good grades to be able to make it through college and hopefully become a pediatrician.