Throw, hit, catch ,smile repeat

Phoenix Military Academy’s girls softball team is one of the better sports in the school.


This season captain senior Yamid Juarez is going to face some negatives and positives at Phoenix because of of new players and struggles she faces while playing the sport.        


The softball team seems to be well coached and managed because the players know  their positions and how to play them, which means that their softball IQ is up and someone taught them right.


“Coach Paris and Coach Tony are very skilled in coaching the whole team, and they focused on the players that were struggling, improving everyone at different paces. And since Tony has attended PMA, it feels good to have a connection and different experiences, but brought together by softball,” said Juarez.


Even though the softball team is very well coached, but they still face challenges when it comes to new recruits in the sport.


“The hardest part is going to have to either get used to how they throw and whether they know how to exactly play the game. Training them and having to keep myself focused too might be the hard part,” said Juarez.


Juarez knows what to expect of new recruits and their skill levels because of her previous experiences with new players, Although the new recruits face challenges, Juarez faces her own challenges.


         “I deal with a lot of doubt, only because the other girls have played longer than me and they are better than I am. But they all help me grow and get better so that doubt is going away,” said Juarez.


Despite losing a lot of seniors every year and teaching new players, the softball team knows their stuff and hopefully will be able to carry on this tradition of playing well.

The team in general is amazing, and I know that when I leave the team will continue to succeed and just keep getting better,” said Juarez.