The Concert of a Lifetime

When you listen to your favorite artist with headphones it’s enjoyable. Now imagine being able to watch them perform live just a few feet away, it’s every fan’s dream. Junior Shelsey Morales was able to attend a concert at the Allstate Arena where her favorite artist performed on May 23,2017. Morales attended the concert at 7 p.m but the artist she had been waiting for performed at 10:30 p.m.


“ The wait was long but once he came on the mood was lit but there was also sad moments when he sang and it was awkward. My favorite part was when he sang his old album,” said Morales.


Morales went to the concert to be able to listen to the Weeknd live. Although she had to wait a long period of  time for the artist and didn’t get to meet him after the concert, she enjoyed herself.


Although she enjoyed the  new experience, she doesn’t wish she would’ve met the artist. Morales would enjoy watching him perform live again or any of her favorite artists.

“It would’ve been nice to have met him, but  I knew it would’ve made me feel uncomfortable, I would just rather watch him use his voice to make the beautiful tunes,” said Morales.