Summer Vacation



Junior Junior Gamez explored almost half of Chicago with friends and family during the summer of 2017. Gamez was able to go to Six Flags Great America, which is in Gurnee, IL. Gamez was also able to spend more time with others and as well go to parties with his friends.

Gamez also went to Indiana.

“ I went to Indiana to visit some family, and also went to a quince there as well,” said Gamez.

Gamez has already thought about next summer even though it’s far from now. Gamez wants to continue exploring a bit more outside of Chicago to see what’s new. He’s glad he went at least to Six Flags, quinces, and lots more parties just to be able to spend time with his friends and family.

“My plans for next summer is to travel to Mexico for the first time, most likely I will stay in Mexico for a month. If that doesn’t happen then I’ll try and get a job for the summer as well but for part-time,”  said Gamez.

Overall Gamez had a fun summer by exploring Chicago and going out a lot as he described. Although he only went outside the city twice to Indiana and Gurnee, IL. His summer was adventurous and  a great experience with those who are close to him.