Meet Me: Yadira Figueroa

What  do most people do after school? Probably not babysit 11 kids! Junior Yadira Figueroa babysits up to 11 kids everyday after school at her house because she likes to help her family out.


“I babysit my cousins and siblings at my house. I babysit them when they come out of school which is at 3:30 until around 6:00,” said Figueroa.


Figueroa does it it to help her family out. All of her family lives close by, so they all help each other out in one way or another.


Three of the 11 are her actual siblings and the rest are just relatives. She keeps them busy by helping them with homework, playing games with them, and taking them to the park to play soccer. She also does her fair share of diaper changing.


Even though babysitting is not an all day thing, it still takes a lot of energy from her.

Sometimes she’s so tired that she goes to sleep before finishing her homework.


“I try to manage my time carefully. During lunch I like to go to Mrs. Fernandez’s room to catch up on work if I had a long day babysitting,” said Figueroa.

She’s a responsible cadet and still finds a way to get her work done without using class time to get it done.