Effect of Bullying

Being a victim of bullying in the first grade is something someone will always remember. Senior Devonte Thompson turned his negative situation into a positive outcome when he started mixed martial arts. He saw it as an outlet to relieve stress and learn how to properly defend himself.


It helped me to gain discipline and also taught me the importance of dedication, said Thompson.


His experience was only the beginning as far as discipline and dedication. Later on he decided to  attend a military academy for high school. He spends at least two hours a day, five days a week perfecting his craft and teaching others “martial arts”. It is something that one can imagine themselves continuing and pursuing maybe as a side career.


I can see myself five years from now still seeing this as something I love to do and it keeps me intact with knowing how to properly defend myself, said Thompson.


In the long run, certain situations can either bring out positive or negative habits. The “bullying” situation was unfortunate but the outcome was a good one. It helped shape him into the person he is today.


I would describe myself as hardworking and persistent, due to the fact I dedicated myself, said Thompson.

No matter what situation Thompson might find yourself in, you can always make the best of it.