The Now, The Football, and The Future


When looking for a challenge some students go to academics and others go to sports. Junior Aloisius Arellano has always played football at Phoenix because he is passionate about the sportArellano has been playing since his freshman year on this football team.

 “I’ve been playing for 11 years now. I started when I was five years old,” said Arellano.

 Everyone goes through hardships but how someone gets over them is another story. Everyone  has a reason to push through these hardships.

“My motivation is to move my family out of the place we live and live in a better place,” said Arellano.

 Every sport is different of course. The only thing that does not change is that they all have a line up or rules.Every player has a position they like most, whether it is running up or down the field or staying in one place.

“I play everything, when I was younger I played different line up’s.  Middle linebacker is my favorite position though,” said Arellano.

Arellano’s dream is to continue football after high school.

“ I do want to pursue football in college because football is everything that I’ve ever worked hard for. I’m not the best in school and football will help me make me the better person I am,” said Arellano.

 A simple challenge can lead a student to the place they would like to be  in their future.

“Football makes me feel challenged when I play, Like there is always someone better than me out there and that make me challenge myself to be the best version of myself, said Arellano.