Reading is an Adventure

Most  teenagers think of  reading as  a punishment. However, senior Samantha Lozano has always loved to read books at home. Lozano loves books that are similar to the Hunger Games and Divergent. She chooses books of her interest and goes on an adventure.


“If I’m reading a book that doesn’t interest me, I usually don’t continue reading it,” said Lozano.


In order to actually enjoy and comprehend a book it has to be a book  of her choice.Lozano takes two days to read a book that has her full attention but a week for  books she has less interest in.She mentioned that she can’t focus or even  finish books she doesn’t like.


“When you’re reading it’s a distraction from your responsibilities in the real world,” said Lozano.

She feels like reading is an escape from  what’s going on around her.She puts herself in the place of the characters and thinks of it as if she were there. Lozano mentioned that she tries to grasp each and every main idea to get better comprehension. She reads during  her spare time and she enjoys it rather than taking it as a punishment like other teens.