Love for Bikes

Most people are not into bikes when they hit 16 because they are more focused on driving a car. But not for senior Derrick Flores, who with the help of his friends has grown a love for bikes and rides his by all over the city of Chicago when he has a chance. He used to ride bikes when he was a little kid but when he reached the age of 15 he restarted growing a love for bikes with the help from some of his friends.


“I think my best friend Mamahua got me into bikes along with William. Although William was into a roadies and long distant I always took a fancy towards Mamahua’s Fixie. I just like the authentics of the bike and once I tried it on I was hook and there was no turning back,” said Flores.


Flores’s best friends are seniors Steven Mamahua and William Hernandez. They really helped him grow his love for bikes. However, Mamahua influenced him more because of the type of bike he liked.


“My favorite place to ride my bike is in the streets of Chicago because people don’t really know how to drive and I enjoy to swerve in and out of traffic and the excitement it gives me,” said  Flores.


He loves to ride his bike anywhere in the streets of Chicago. He doesn’t care where he is going because all he cares about is the joy and excitement it brings him when he rides his bike.


“I used to ride my bike everyday but I have decided to only ride 2 – 3 times a week in order to stay alive and healthy because it a dangerous thing,” said Flores.


He no longer rides his bike as much because it is dangerous to be out on the streets of Chicago. He is commitmented to riding his bike which shows how much love he has for riding. He will always find a way to ride his bike because his love for bikes is too strong for anything to stop him.