Boyle and Volleyball

There will always be obstacles to overcome in any sport, or really anything in life. For senior Shantia Boyle, playing volleyball at Phoenix has presented obstacles for her to overcome. For Boyle it was hard doing a sport in which others had judged her for, jealous of her success.  


“I had to overcome the things that I knew I wasn’t capable of doing, I had to practice and get better. Also, I had overcome the jealousy that I received because of the fact that I’ve been playing varsity since sophomore year,” Boyle said.


To get good at a sport, a player needs to play and practice for a few years. She has been playing since sixth grade. In those six years her skills have grown and so has her contribution to the team.  

“I just tried the sport out like every other sport I’ve played and I happened to love and enjoy playing,” she said.


There is not always someone who inspires a player. Instead sometimes just trying it out leads to enjoying the activity or sport. Boyle is glad she tried volleyball out and enjoys playing the sport.