Summer Fun in Hawaii!


Over the summer, senior Joel Medina took a chance and participated in  “The Road Less Traveled”, which is an organization that allows teens to experience life changing events through summer service and adventures to different destinations.

After speaking with the school counselor Mrs. Matz about his interest to travel, Medina went through the application process and was chosen.

His experience took place in Hawaii on islands such as Maui and Kauai from July 17th to August 4th. In Maui he stayed at a campsite called Camp Olowalu and in Kauai he stayed at a camp owned by Walpa Foundation.

Not only did Medina become friends with many Hawaiians and surf instructors who taught him useful tips but he was also influenced to become a more active member in his own community.

“I wish I could have stayed forever, we did many fun things such as surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking!” said Medina.

While in Hawaii, Medina noticed a sense of  peacefulness that was brought to him by the islands. He was introduced to the power of creating change within service work like removing invasive species from Hawaiian cultural lands, planting sweet potatoes and removing weeds from plants.

“ We also removed snails from taro patches which was disgusting,” said Medina.

Although the tasks were not always pleasant, he felt accomplished and pleased with his work.

“I would definitely recommend the trip to everyone, it is so much fun and you learn so much about yourself! The essays are definitely worth it,” said Medina.  

Overall, working with The Road Less Traveled gave Medina the chance to stay in Hawaii

where he discovered valuable things about himself, participated in restoring the Hawaiian lands, and most importantly, enjoyed himself and had lots of fun all summer long.