Costa Rica and Minds Matter

When students step into high school, it is beneficial to start working toward their future and

start investigating what programs and opportunities are being offered. One of the programs

that brings new experiences and strengthens academic skills is Minds Matter. Senior Jennie  Maldonado who is a part of Minds Matter expresses no regret in investing time into the program.

During the summer of 2017, Maldonado was offered the opportunity to travel to San Jose, Costa Rica and had the chance to talk to kids from local schools.

“Getting to talk to these kids reminded me of the stories my mom told me from when she was a little kid and getting to see the environment that she describe to me. Listening to their stories and realizing how much I have even if I’m considered low income,” said Maldonado.

Maldonado went to Costa Rica for three weeks to study biodiversity and conservation. Being in Costa Rica’s rainforest for a week meant no electricity, Wi-Fi, or cell service, and not hearing the traffic that is usually heard at night in Chicago.  

Although participating in this program is a big advantage, it is selective. However, once admitted, everything offered is completely free.

“If you do apply and get accepted take advantage of it some people get accepted and just go for two sessions and never go again and then regret it. Also, apply even so if you’re not interested, I have some friends that regret not applying now that they see how much it has benefited me,” said Maldonado.