Diving into Belize


Senior Nathaniel Ortega was accepted to go to Belize this summer! Ortega has worked hard to receive this opportunity from The Road Less Traveled Progman. Ortega took the opportunity to explore more outside of the United States.


“I had to apply for scholarships of $6,000 and write several essays to be granted the opportunity to go to Belize,” said Ortega.


While staying in Belize for almost three weeks, Ortega said he learned how to scuba dive, make pure chocolate, and weave hammocks.

“While I went on scuba dives, I learned how to do a boat dive. I also learned how to identify certain types of fish and coral,” said Ortega.


Going to Belize and spending a lot of time there he learned a lot from the people around him. He felt that he learned aot from the people from the group, because of their different backgrounds.  This trip truly had an impact on him, and he believes that this experience will forever be remembered.