Cadet Tramil with student she meet at Duke University

Diplomacy at Duke University

      Over the summer, senior Acacia Tramil traveled to Duke University accompanied by senior Abigail Pio. Duke University hosted a diplomacy/leadership program to help student teach students about international relations and how to better communication between opposing countries.

        While learning about diplomacy Tramil was able to improve her skills in being an executive officer learning different styles of leadership and how to discipline different types of people.

       Tramil  the importance of effective leadership and being able to understand other perspectives. It was very beneficial to Tramil’s future career because she wants to major in international relations in college, and the camp has provided her with general knowledge and a good reference abilities to be successful in that field.

     ” I love being able to be the middleman of line of communication while being able to travel and help people at the same time,” said Tramil.

      Tramil recommends the program Minds Matter, which helped her attend Duke University over the summer for free. Duke is not the only place Minds Matter has sent students. Minds Matter is  is an is a mentoring program that provides opportunities for students to travel over the summer.  Duke  University is a highly competitive school, and is on Tramil’s top ten list. Students being able to travel and get first hand look at universities will only benefit them in the future. Cadets will understand more of what the university has to offer and if it’s the best fit for them.

   Acacia Tramil, said cadets need ” to take more advantages of the opportunities that are given at  Phoenix”.

    During her time at Duke, Tramil met amazing and inspirational teens. Meeting students from China, Brazil, Honduras, Japan, and Pakistan taught her many things thing she didn’t know. Tamil Keeps in touch with every student she meet through postcards and snapchat streaks.