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Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy Review

Ivan Ramos

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All throughout Spider-Man’s comic book run there have been allusions to a curse Peter has, which he has dubbed the Parker luck, this is how he has reasoned through all of the bad things that have happened to him. Well, in the most current Spider-Man event the Parker luck has reached a new level. Okay, so first a non-spoiler overview of the comic event. First, the story starts off with this new company called New U pushing out these new medical advancements. After Peter uses the tech on one of his employees it makes his spider sense go off and he begins his investigation. One thing leads to another and he remembers he has seen this tech before. In this event, old enemies and allies return and both cause Peter pain showing him he can never truly forget his past.

This event has Spider-Man making a lot of tough choices, some involving death, interdimensional travel, a new electro, and many more things that might interest a reader. While this comic event shows no real character development, it is a good read if you love Spider-Man. If you do decide to read this comic get ready to get your heart-broken and begin to start asking yourself why does the world hate Spider-Man so much. Overall, I would give this event a 4 out of 5. It gave us a good Spider-Man story, but it wasn’t groundbreaking or adding anything, except bringing back a couple of old Spider-Man villains back. Otherwise this story was very satisfying compared to other Spider-Man storylines *cough* clone saga *cough* and the storylines that this paved the way to are very interesting.

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Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy Review