Softball Recap And A One On One

Phoenix Military Academy  Girls softball team  had a very successful season  this year. They had a very good record of eight wins and two losses. The girls softball team are also conference champions. This year was the first year that they made it to city playoffs. Coach Roland Paris was very impressed with the potential that the team has. They are very outgoing and committed, they work hard, and their work pays off in the field. Paris believes that next year the team would be a lot better and have a perfect season.    

“This season was the best season I have had in all of my coaching career,” said Coach  Paris

Freshmen Luna Cortina was one of the few freshmen to make the team this year. Her position is catcher.  She is a very outstanding player because she hits at least three home runs each game. She has a very unique skill when she plays, she creates  her own type of style, and she enjoys playing. She  never gives up. She never misses a practice or a game.

“ Softball is more than a sport to me it’s a life lesson ”said  Cortina

Softball is her passion and she plans to take it to the next level. She wants to play in college with hopes that she will receive a softball scholarship. She’s  been playing  since fifth grade. She likes practicing with her team and improving. ‘She constantly practices  with her team and on her own. She uses softball as a means of escape from reality because   she is able to express herself while playing. She is also a team player. She cheers for her teammates and always reminds them to hussle.