Military Ball 2k17

Military Ball 2k17

On May 16th, 2017 was PMA Annual 13th Military Ball. Freshmen, sophomores and those who are on staff were required to attend the event. However, for juniors and seniors it was optional.

The S-5 senior Joselyn Valerio and senior  S-5 Krystal Rosales spent months planning the event and according to Valerio, she says that it was a success.

A big change for this year’s Military Ball was that there were seating arrangements.  Cadets had to sit with people from their own company and it made it much easier for our S-6.

“I think it was a success especially this year. We had seating arrangements and we made it happen. It was a lot easier for me,” said Valerio.

Since it was Valerio’s last Military Ball, she agrees that there are some things that she’ll miss from the event.

“One of the things I’ll miss from Military Ball is not only the dancing and spending time with my friends. It will be the formal part because that is a tradition that we do every year and it’s very exciting,” said Valerio.

Being the S-5 can be fun because it consists of planning the fun events for the school. The only bad thing about it is that it takes up a lot of free time. That is why the S-5 has advice for the future S-5.

“I would advise the S-5 to plan ahead and to not have to stay late and make last minute arrangements. Also communicate with the other staff members more often such as the S-1,” said Valerio.