Road Scholars, The New and Improved

Road Scholars, The New and Improved

Here in Phoenix, there was once a program named “Road Scholars” that was created to help students train in order to run a half marathon at the end of July. Many students have participated and most repeated the program (Including Alumni’s that have graduated here at Phoenix years ago). However, recently one of the sponsors that supported road scholars like CARA, no longer decided to go on sponsoring the program and decided to cancel in early March. Now, here is a new a program called Students Run CHI. It begins in a few weeks. The program will consist of rigorous exercises that will push to train students and adults for the marathon this year July.

“Personally, I think this program will be more challenging for the students. We are not going to be provided buses, so some students will find it difficult to get to and from the park(s),” said Junior Odalis Torres

Although there are some challenges many passionate runners may face, they hopefully can’t wait to improve and have many great memories as they once did before in Road Scholars.

Though is it worth sacrificing every morning to run?

“I think this is worth the runs and pains every Saturday morning. We work hard and we don’t just give 10% of the effort. We put everything we have into training for this marathon, so it’s nice to finally run it in the end and achieve the goal of finishing a marathon,” said Freshman Jorge Orozco.

Road Scholars has benefited many students, as well as donated to many fundraisers to support them.

Is this the only reason why a running program is back? For the donations?

“I believe that we have a new program because CARA decided that they wanted to pursue it differently. We are bringing it back because many students like me want to do something during the summer that improves us mentally and physically. This is way more for students and adults than any money we raise, that’s just a bonus the program does to give back to the community,” said Torres.

Yet again old and new incoming students are back into the life of running, and to further on the program to tell stories about their experiences in running a Marathon in High school.