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Freshman thoughts on being on the team

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The girls basketball season started in the middle of November. This was a big change for the freshmen who made the team.

“In 8th grade, the girls didn’t know how to play,” said freshman Joeliesty Romero.

Going from playing basketball in elementary school to playing in high school is an adjustment for the freshmen.

“Somewhat they’re more experienced girls that play,” said freshman Raquel Montes De Oca. “I expect us to grow as a team and work better together.”  

Thes girls are committed to work as a team and to be the best they could be together. They are always looking forward to learning new things and improving for their future games.

“My strength is driving in and mid-range shot,” said Romero.

She accepts criticism from other teammates which helps her create plays to get open.

“My strengths are getting open and a weakness is my shooting,” said Montes De Oca.

“It is what I thought it would be,” said Montes De Oca.

Being able to start has allowed both girls to have a different experience than middle school basketball.

“It’s an amazing experience,” said Romero.

It appears that that freshmen are happy to be on the team and are finding their place on the team. They know that they need to improve to continue being a lady Firebird for the upcoming years.

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Student news site of Phoenix Military Academy in Chicago, IL
Freshman thoughts on being on the team