Indiana Dunes

Phoenix Military Academy’s C3 (Chicago Conservation Club)  partnered up with NO Barriers National Park Service. This program informs young students about energy efficiency in a household.

This is the second year that Phoenix has been chosen to go to the Indiana Dunes.The trip took place in Indiana on the weekend of Earth Day. For many students this would be their first time in the outdoors. For example,  this was freshman Albert Aguilar’s first time out of the city.

   “The trip was something different for me and I enjoyed the experience very much, the trip was exactly what I expected it to be when going outdoors and venturing off,” said Aguilar.  

This year had two groups go to the program. One of the groups was just upperclassmen, and the other was new recruits, mostly freshman. Both groups taught fourth graders about specific things. Senior Alex Nguyen also attended the trip and he  enjoyed meeting new people.

“Yes I enjoyed teaching the 4th graders. At first the idea made me nervous, but I really enjoyed it after seeing how smart and understanding the kids were,” said Nguyen.

The program encourages young students to care about the environment and to make change it like the C3 club at PMA.